About Us

Salad Savoy Corporation is the brainchild of John Moore in 1983, following a trip to Sweden. While he was there, he visited a vegetable garden and was struck by what he saw, and tasted! Through detailed research and development, not only did he create an entirely new vegetable, trademarked under the name Salad Savoy® , he named his entire company after it.From Sweden to Salinas, California, where it currently calls home, John knew Salad Savoy Corporation was going to be the next big thing. He was so confident in its success that he formed a family business around it. Salad Savoy® officially entered the marketplace in 1984. Soon after, it was recognized by Venture magazine as one of the “100 Best New Ideas of the Year.”For more information on how our company has grown, please see our timeline below. Since launching, the Salad Savoy® family has brought a number of unique vegetables to market, including:

These vegetables contribute to the company’s “triad of success,” which consists of color, taste, and nutrition.

And not only are Salad Savoy products found at your local supermarket, they’re also found at all sorts of QSR restaurants, fine dining establishments, country clubs and even at sea on your favorite cruise lines!

We’ve been featured on menus from Panera Bread to Il Fornaio, from California Pizza Kitchen to The Capital Grille, so see if you can spot us on your next restaurant visit. But our favorite spot for us to see our product is in your refrigerator!  

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